Other Animals


The Hafodneddyn Estate is a working farm that has been owned and managed by our family for the last eleven years. The picture above shows some of the spring lambs on our farm this year enjoying the early sunshine!

As well as bottling our spring water, we also develop and sell a range of feed for farm animals. These mixes are produced in conjunction with our nutritionalist and incorporate the oats that we harvest on our farm.

We are in the process of producing a website to inform our customers about these products and we will add a link here as soon as this has been completed.

Our dogs

We didn't feel we could share pictures of our farm without including our dogs!

The local police dog unit train their dogs in our fields throughout the year. We are very lucky that they receive a lot of alsation puppies and we are then able to offer a loving home to some of those that don't quite pass all of the tests to join the police force.

At the moment our family includes Dougal (above) and Monty (right).