About Us

Our ethos is simple, to provide great tasting pure spring water in an environmentally sustainable way.

Protecting the environment:

  • The electricity for our bottling plant is generated by solar panels installed on our site roof
  • Hafodneddyn is part of the "Better Woodlands for Wales" scheme and we are now growing and managing over 125 acres of woodland. That is the equivalent of around 84 full size football pitches!
  • All of our water bottles are recycled
  • Our distributors plan their routes to minimise the total number of miles covered every journey

 Supporting local businesses:

An important part of our strategy is supporting other businesses in the Towy Valley. As a result we source all of our products and services from local suppliers wherever possible. This includes everything from our depot to the labels on our bottles!

What this means for you:

Our commitment to the environment and the local community means that you can feel good about enjoying the great taste of our water.