The Bottling Process

Our pure spring water is bottled using a "babyworks" processing plant. This enables the process to remain fully automated in order to protect the quality and taste of our water.
The bottling line is capable of filling up to 300 bottles an hour. The flexibility of the system means that we are able to bottle 18.5 litre, 13.0 litre and 11.0 litre bottles to supply the varying needs of our customers.
Each bottle is hand checked before being loaded into the bottling line and and cleaned following a three step process:  
  •          Bottles are washed with hot water using high velocity spray jets 
  •          They are then sanitised using an automated injection system    
  •          Finally they are rinsed with our pure spring water in an isolated clean room using a submicron filter

The "babyworks" bottling line has been designed to maximise washing efficiency so that we are able to minimise both the water and electricity used at the same time as ensuring the integrity of our product.